Bali Furniture


Manufacturer Quality Teak Wooden Furniture

Our Indonesian handcraft manufactory of teak wooden furniture was created in 1998. It is renowned for its serious reputation and trusted relationships with customers.

Who are we?

We are located in a village called Batuan Sukawati, in Bali. Designing and manufacturing solid teak wood furniture and a commingling of teak and bamboo furniture, has been our business.

For over 20 years, the serious reputation and savoir-faire suffusing our work had made clients from all over the world, private individuals as well as professionals, regular customers.

The use of high-quality teak pertains to our requirement and enables us to adapt to client demand as regards the construction and finishing of each piece of furniture. Our savoir-faire is not only renowned on the export market but also on the local one_ houses, hotels, villas, offices, restaurants, shops.

Any request will be studied to meet your expectations, from a piece of furniture found on our catalogue to a custom-made one.

Please feel free to come and visit our production workshops.

 JL. Raya Sakah Batuan Sukawati, Gianyar, BALI
 +62 85 339 052 186, +62 81 246 281 35, +62 81 337 010 600, +62 81 23 955 161
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